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Take a second to “Really Think” about this question!!! What is your “Most Important” asset? Don't worry, We'll wait. Sadly, 96% of all people answer this question wrong. Most people say their homes, some people say their kids, some say their classic car, computer equipment, pets, etc...they say everything but the right answer!!! The right answer is “YOU”!!! It's your ability to earn income to live and take care of you and/or your family!!! Only 4% answer this question right and if you look at that small group of people, they seem to have life figured out from a financial sense.

Now, sit down and “truthfully” ask yourself these following questions?

  1. Do you rely on your income to pay you and/or your family's living expenses?
  2. What would you/and your family do if you became critically or terminally ill, or came down with a chronic injury or illness and were unable to work and earn income?
  3. What kind of quality of life would your family have if you were to unable to work for a short period of time?
  4. Even worse, how would you and/or your family's standard of living be if you were permanently unable to work and earn income?
  5. Seem really scary when you “Truthfully” sit down and really think about these possible situations, doesn't it?

Don't Worry, We Can Help You With This!!! Our extensive portfolio of “Income Protection Insurance” products will help solve these issues. Examples of these plans are Accident Medical Expense, Critical Illness/Living Benefit, Hospital Cash Pay Indemnity, and Disability Income Replacement Insurance Policies. Believe it or not, in most cases, one and a half hours of payroll income per week for the average working person will provide a solid foundation of an income protection strategy for you and/or your family.

With Health Insurance premiums and deductibles on the rise, we also offer a handful of different “Gap Plans” that are designed to help with your deductibles, co-pays, and other needs of comfort if you ever had an unfortunate situation. In these times, it's so important to look at your options as far as various plans that are available to you for you and/or your family's benefit. Please feel free to contact us for a personal “No Cost Consultation”. Do yourself a favor and at the very least, let's just visit this and have a very candid conversation, it may make all the difference in you and/or your family's world!!!

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