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About Brandon Z Agency

Prepare for the challenges of tomorrow with the practical retirement plans and health coverage at Brandon Z Agency in Toledo, Ohio. Below is the story of our founder, Brandon Zdawczyk. He hopes his experience and realizations touches your life in a positive way.

Time in Corporate America

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First, and foremost, our founder wasn't always a Health Insurance Broker. He spent time in "Corporate America", in the sales and marketing industry. After a while, he aspired to do something else, get into something where he could work for himself, but help everyday people too. However, he really needed Health Insurance. He had a serious pre-existing health issue which prohibited him from obtaining Insurance from any other avenue that he explored.

Calm before the Storm

It was a practical decision for our founder to hold on to his job as long as he could, but then he became part of a "corporate downsize." This means he had to move forward with his plans a lot sooner than he thought. Also, he had to pay for the very expensive COBRA™ Health Insurance offered by his former place of employment, which he did for 18 months. He was eligible to have the benefits so his health held up, and this was where the fun began. Three-weeks after his COBRA ran out, he almost died without health insurance.

All in The Same Boat

Although the hospitals and doctors did the best they could, the bills started coming. Our founder had seen the massive amounts of money that the facilities, the doctors, the specialists, and the surgeons were costing, and he wished he was dead instead. He lost everything he owned, which included the business he had started at the time, the house, and the cars. He also knew that he wasn't the only person in this boat - almost 70 million Americans were along for the ride.

Beginning the Mission

This, however, was the best thing that ever happened to our founder. He found his mission in life. He wouldn't accept that there was no help for people who just couldn't afford Health Insurance for themselves or worse yet, their families. Hence he went back into the "corporate workforce" as a sales assistant at a well-known Health Insurance company. After six-months, his boss paid for his education and promoted him as a Health Insurance Agent, for which he is still thankful to up to this day.

Company Launching

In our founder's time as a "captive agent," an insurance agent who works directly for a particular company, he had the opportunity to learn the business from the inside out. After some time, he launched Brandon Z Agency. This allowed him to find other like-minded people, along with additional products that help everybody regardless of health conditions or financial issues while giving them great benefits.

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