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Protect your family's legacy.
Ensure your family's future with the Affordable Health Insurance Plans that work for you when you need them the most. Brandon Z Agency. Give us a shot at helping you today.
Enjoy the various living benefits of our specialized life insurance program. Contact us now for all the details that our comprehensive programs may provide for your loved ones.
Income Protection
Income Protection is an often overlooked insurance coverage that protects you when you are not able to work due to a disability or illness.

Mission Statement

Here at Brandon Z Agency we have an entirely different approach to proving Health and Life Benefits to our extended family, that being our customers. We will never tell you we are better than any agency or agent because we are not in the business of blasting other people, but we are specialists in the individual, self-employed market.

We Have A Life Insurance Plan For Everyone Guaranteed!

Have you been denied Life Insurance for pre-existing health issues like diabetes, bad driving record, etc.? Don't Worry! We can help you!!! Contact us for more details at 866-580-2626. When we say life insurance for ALL, we mean it!

We Offer a Unique Term Life Insurance with "Living Benefits"

Most People Associate Life Insurance With Dying!

Ask Yourself Three Questions:

  1. Do You Rely On Your Income To Pay Your Living Expenses?
  2. What Would You/And Your Family Do If You Became Chronically, Critically Or Terminally Ill And Were Unable To Work Or Earn Income?
  3. What Quality Of Life Would Your Family Have If You Were To Die Unexpectedly?

There's A Lot Of Situations Other Than Death That Would Cause You And/Or Your Family Financial Devastation! These Unique Policies Cover Financial Help For Most Of These Unexpected Situations, Contact Us For More Information! This Is What Life Insurance Should Really Be!!!

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Brandon Z Agency in Toledo, Ohio, provides affordable retirement plans and health insurance plans to self-employed people and business owners. Having been in business for more than 15 years, we also offer life and dental insurance.

Our founder, Brandon Zdawczyk, would love to have the opportunity assist in your insurance needs. As a company that does business the old-fashioned way by seeing you face-to-face, we make sure to always be accessible to you without consultation fees. Our founder is also behind Brandon Z Agency. We are a member of the National Federation of Independent Business™ (NFIB).

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